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Does Easy = Simple?

This post is for the consultants, coaches, trainers, contractors and other service industry folk out there curious about pricing their offerings…

When you reflect on your area of expertise or specialty, do you feel it has become pretty routine? I bet you do. And I bet a lot of your skills have become effortless.

How do you perceive your ability? If you’ve been doing it for a while, I bet you start feeling anyone can do it.

If so, do you feel it’s become easy? Or is it simple?

Ignore what your dictionary says for a moment…

Let’s define easy as achieved without effort. And simple as anyone can do it.

So, where am I going with this?

I was working with a client on her pricing structure today and realized a profound theme: most people think what they find easy isn’t worth charging for.

“How could I charge money for this, it’s simple?”

I’ve heard it many times before. People who are good at something will naturally feel it’s simple. But is it simple? Or has it, over time, become easy?

Think back to when you were first learning your specialty. You had no idea how to do it. We’ve all had a challenge: tying our shoes, driving a car, speaking in front of a crowd and so on… just remember back to the days before you didn’t know how to do it, was it easy then? Probably not. Instead, what makes something easy is your learned ability.

If you provide a service that sometimes from your point of view seems anyone can do it, most likely it’s not. And unfortunately, if you start to think your offering is simple, you’re bound to lose your edge, your tenacity and your drive to help others.

Remember, just as tying your shoes is now a no-brainer, your specialty may seem easy. But keep in mind that while it seems effortless for you, other’s still need your help.

People want your talent. Don’t be afraid to charge for it.

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