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Learning Agreement Famulatur Medunigraz

International Training Experience Report: St. Victorias Hospital (Seychelles) Person: Georg Pratl Division: Clinical Anesthesia Service, St. Victorias Hospital, Mahe Duration: Four weeks (February 06, 2017 Ghana 2014 Ghana 2014 Stefan Kormann 3rd year of human medicine studies To the person: For questions: [email protected] Motivation: When I started our biller abroad at Victoria Hospital- Mahé, Seychelles: By Stefan Moelberger Relativ, we organized this Famulatur 3 weeks before the trip. To do this, we wrote an e-mail, Overseas Experience Report Greece 29.08.2016 23.09.2016 Antonia Papst Planning/Organisation With my colleague Martina Schober, the KPJ has decided to pass the Cumulative Module 6 exam (KMP6), to complete all teaching exams, to complete the 3rd exam and to prove 12 weeks of mandatory training. In short, the KPJ can only be launched after the positive end of the second phase of the study. The mandatory internship is carried out during the last year of study (6th year / 11th semester) and takes 48 weeks to 35 hours per week, divided into three 16-week tertiales each. Famulatur Abroad in Sichon, Thailand Oct. 2016 by I always wanted to do a famulature in Asia. For many years, students from Graz have been going to Sichon. After taking the 1 former faulatours abroad Name:LisaBlazek Studium:Humanmedizin,University of MedicineGrazim5.year Famulatur:VictoriaHospitalMahe,Gynecology Period: Organization: ForunefamulaturaufdenSeychellescridimale inNatashaMarie: the first time written.manbekdannann The mostrapided`a resume, motivation and recommendationdemeduni (getmozartgasse).after that, duration of an activity duration up to an invitation.denflugenwirschonimjenjen January direktbeimiratesum720.visumbrauchtmanpourdieseyellekeines.

Accommodation: We live with Karina, SunilindenBeachCottages.We are used to the building, which is actually andgro-fraut.howeverensenleideren internetimmtementappartementundmussimmerindenengartenverr Internetpalme go. 23uhrebis6uhrinderfr-hdarfdasderalles danntwarmachens,abersmitmentsennichtssenmssoffermn.

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