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Ptc Service Level Agreement

The PTC Cloud/SaaS agreement consists of five or six documents described below, depending on whether you are in the United States or not. These documents are provided for your verification, for download and printing. Note that if the offer you purchased is a cloud service offer, you must either already own the hosted licenses or purchase the licenses at the same time. In this case, TPC`s on-site licensing agreement also applies. Service level agreements were only part of NedTrain`s puzzle. It was also able to move a large part of its inventory from six maintenance centres to a new central distribution centre. NedTrain can now coordinate the inventory of more than 500 suppliers and move more than 200,000 parts a year, without shortage or delay. To learn more about their success with service parts management, check out our NedTrain case study. Bradley Rhoton is Marketing Director for the Servigistics division of PTC. He leads and organizes servigistic customer affinity group organizations and facilitates the exchange of best practices and knowledge transfer between TPC, TPC clients and industry leaders. For the past 13 years, he has worked closely with Servigistic`s clients to record their services in the service program and share their successes. NedTrain is aware of the problems that SLAs may pose because they have struggled to meet them in the past. Based in the Netherlands, the company supports operators and train owners by maintaining, modifying and modernizing rail cars and locomotives on a 24/7 basis.

This means that it must control stocks and take them where they are needed, sometimes in the short term. According to NedTrain`s agreement with the Dutch national NS train service, it was to maintain nearly 3,000 trains, so that at no time were more than 170 trains out of service. But NedTrain struggled to achieve this goal on a consistent basis, which forced NS to spend money on more trains. And it`s also difficult for NedTrain to attract and retain other customers. A maintenance plan cannot be cancelled by the customer after PTC has accepted an order from an authorized dealer for such a maintenance plan. For registered products, annual maintenance services ordered by the customer must cover all licenses granted to the customer for such licensed products. TPC is required to provide maintenance services only during periods for which the client has paid the maintenance fee and only on the basis of the amount of maintenance services purchased by the Customer.

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