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Lunch at AJ Bombers in Madison WI

AJ Bomber's Madison

The crunch of the p-nuts under our feet rings familiar of a small town dive bar.

But the decor along the walls reflect a view of quality reminiscent of those unique destination restaurants I’ve seen only on the Travel Channel.

The cheerful waitstaff has me wondering how people can be so happy while working. And the bartenders are having seemingly far too much fun launching railed bombs filled with p-nuts to tables throughout the restaurant.

And as my business partner, Greg Hartle, and I take our seat in the booth, the confusion continues with a glance of the menu. How can the prices be this insanely low? Yet, I’ve heard only but good things, so I keep the faith.

With our friend Joe Sorge (who happens to own the place) at the table, he reassures us his staff has every guest in good hands.

Joe’s philosophy: Great food, consistent taste, served quick – matched with outstanding service and a fun experience – will create a happy guest every time. And while it’s simple to write, most restauranteurs I’ve met will never come close to achieving this formula.

But will AJ Bomber’s prove me wrong?

Bradley Gauthier, Joe Sorge, and Greg Hartle at AJ Bombers, Madison

After taking the first bite of my veggie burger topped with an egg & bomber sauce, life becomes clear… I could live here. This burger joint is amazing.

As a vegetarian, finding a good “burger” abroad is extremely difficult.

My theory for this unfortunate phenomenon is because the folks creating a burger menu consider veggie burgers an afterthought. One of those damn menu items needed to quiet us green-freaks.

However, as Joe explains to us, his wife is the yin to his yang, the ping to his pong, the peanut butter to his jelly (not sure if I’m quoting 100% accurately) and she keeps the menu earth friendly. Veggie patties, black-bean patties, and 100% grass-fed beef all make an appearance on the menu.

While I devour my veggie burger, Greg affirms that the beef burger is extremely tasty. But with my disdain for meat, you’ll have to take his word on it 🙂

I came… I ate… I Got Bombed!

As the waitstaff continue to happily hustle through their tasks and pnut bombs fly overhead, we leave overwhelmingly satisfied.

If you are ever passing through Southern Wisconsin and you are looking for a great burger place, AJ Bomber’s in Madison, Wisconsin (or their Milwaukee location) is a wonderful choice to get bombed.


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