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How to Go Barefoot All Winter Long

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve worn socks and traditional shoes in the past 6 months.

Instead, I opt for Vibram Five Fingers, Reefs, or most usually, nothing at all.

In fact, this has been the case for at least 3 summers now.

But at this time of year – when mother nature starts to crap out buckets of cold snow on the Midwest – is when I face the unbearable reality: shoes & socks!

Not anymore!

The Solution for a Barefoot Winter

With the leaves changing colors and the temperature slowly losing its comfortable numbers, fall is clearly upon us.

As sad as I am to see summer go, I have new hope for an enjoyable cold season thanks to my buddy, Ian.

Ian introduced me to his “non-shoes” called Sanük Sidewalk Surfers.

And after a brief description of how they are barefooter sandals with a canvas upper, I was instantly intrigued.

But his Sanuks were only canvas covered with no insulation whatsoever. Which may work through fall, but unless I don’t mind losing a couple of toes, they wouldn’t be a solution for 10 degree weather.

Luckily, as I browsed through Sanuk’s product selection online, I found they have a product line called Chill designed for winter. Jackpot!

The Sanuk Vagabond Chill

Sanuk Vagabond Chill

For $65 I picked up these Vagabond Chill Sanuks from Moosejaw.

They have a sandal-like bottom, a canvas upper, and some sort of confortable micro-fiber insulation. And without any harm to animals, they are earth-friendly and vegan.

After about a week of wearing, my impression of them are mostly positive. I love that they have little support or noticeable “shoe-like” features while wearing them. Best yet, they are extremely light weight. Which is essential for minimalist footwear.

Moreover, the overall construction is of very high quality. The sole is extremely flexible, the canvas is durable, and they run true to size for me.

Also, with my already laid-back persona, the “non-shoes” hopefully will sneak by as business casual footwear. At least they’re more professional than my sandals 🙂

Unfortunately, one small negative is they have slightly more cushion in the sole than I’d prefer. But then again, I’m used to being completely barefoot. I’d imagine after a few more weeks, I’ll barely notice the slight give in my step. And actually, anyone who wears normal shoes on occasion may think the opposite of me.

Overall, I am extremely happy with their value, comfort, and styling.

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of minimalist footwear and/or looking for a comfortable winter sandal. I highly recommend checking out the Sanuk Vagabond Chill.

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