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Beware Advisors: Seek Mentors

Don't StopAs you begin your lifestyle as an entrepreneur, everyone will have an opinion. Critics might tell you to instead look for a new job or that your system simply won’t work. Worst yet, there will be a huge influx of people giving advice. With a flood of conflicting views and information, whom do you trust? Answer: No one. Or to be more accurate, no one who has yet to walk in your shoes – AKA advisors.

Advisors will have suggestions usually directly related to their experiences. Employees who advise you know the business of working for someone. Small business owners understand the freedom of entrepreneurship but their advice comes from a life usually surrounded by too much work and not enough time. And then there are the well-off heirs with little concept of creating cash flows from nothing. They grew up with money and have most likely never been without it for long periods of time.

So whom do you turn to for solid advice?

Mentors. Mentors can talk the talk because they have walked the walk. A good mentor will understand your business aspirations and should have had similar experiences in their business creation history. Moreover, great mentors will have created business systems from scratch and have probably started out with little to no money.

Find mentors and beware advisors.

Sound easy? Well, it isn’t. The world is filled with unqualified advisors. And with a scarce quantity of valued mentors, the chance that you receive constant good advice is rare. Furthermore, as bad advice is constantly at the forefront of your everyday conversations, your subconscious mind will be overloaded to the point of believing the advisors. To combat this onslaught of bad advice, try what I do. Listen to advisors and explore their brain. Ask questions and find out what makes them tick. However, think critically. And always keep in mind that advisors are not coming from your frame of view. Keep your dream and modify it accordingly. Critically analyze the advice received from all sources. To summarize, seek mentors.

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