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Death of the Resume


Job Seekers: Do you have a resume? If so, please do something for me: delete the file and burn any hard copies.

Done? Cool, welcome to the new decade.

Resumes are boring and filled with fluff. They’re unbiased and only highlight a few carefully crafted bullet-point details about a career. And it is absolutely impossible to learn about someone from a single piece of paper. Instead, employers will now perform a 2 second name search in Google, shedding extraordinary light on potential hires.

The Attraction of Expertise

Compare a typical resume toting 15-year veteran to an industry-specific, high-traffic blogger a year out of college. Who will look more desirable? I’d put my money on the blogger. The college kid has tangible proof of their knowledge. And both colleagues and clients will put increased trust into the new hire with obvious, proven expertise.

Those who can demonstrate they are a source of quality insight into their field will instantly (and subconsciously) be accepted as higher value. And I’m not just talking about 9-5’ers; anyone looking for work will benefit, i.e. consultants, freelancers and other hands for hire. I’m also not saying everyone should start a blog. But a few industry syndicated articles or some well-publicized case studies will do wonders for boosting your name online.

What to do next? Give Yourself an Online Audit

Google or Bing (is Bing a verb?) your name. What do you find? Would you hire yourself if the only mention of you is a second place trophy from a softball tourney two years ago? Probably not.

So register a .com and a install blog. Or at least a landing page with links to your social media usernames. Complete your LinkedIn profile and get active in the community. And regularly join discussions in your industry-specific blogs and forums.

Conclusion: You Must Outshine the Masses

Since this economy has created an almost endless supply of job applicants, consultants and freelancers, anyone looking for work must go above and beyond. In other words, get your name out there and show ’em what you’re truly made of!

Updated: I found a great website that posts creative resumes.

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