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I’m Giving Away Everything to Find Meaning

My Only Possession

In two weeks I will be emptying my house, giving away everything I own, and taking the leap into a life without possessions.

It’s a daunting transition. But necessary to start building my dream life.

For those of you familiar with my genius business partner, Greg Hartle and his remarkable Ten Dollars and a Laptop project, you may be having a bit of deja vu. Well fear not, I’m not stepping on his toes nor stealing his thunder. Personally, he is an extreme motivator and mentor towards minimalism.

I am, however, finally setting in motion a plan I created about 4 years ago.

I’ve never played by the rules. I was a disinterested student throughout college. A rebellious employee in the corporate world. And most unconventional, an avid couch-surfer during impromptu adventures.

Life’s Strange, Embrace It

We can never predict what the future has in store for us. Ask me 10 years ago what I’d be doing in 2011 and I would tell you I’m a professional golfer. Six years ago would be an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist. Ask me 3 years ago and I’d say I own a 40 person marketing firm. One year ago, a travelling college professor. Life is strange…

Never would I guess that I’d be sitting on a laptop creating an education company, preparing to revolutionize how we learn.

And most remarkably to me, I’ll be building this project while downsizing my possessions, upping my technology and forcing myself to redefine a normal life.

But what is a normal life?

At first glance, I’m not sure exactly. However, I do know what it isn’t. A normal life is not working 50 years at a 9-5 job. But beyond this, I have yet to discover the answer.

The Metamorphosis

With my bed and couch non-existent, I will essentially become a vagabond, traveling the world. Bouncing from available Internet source to available Internet source. I’ll be resting my head on the couches & spare beds of friends and family. And if I’m lucky, the occasional hotel room. Hopefully I don’t find myself on the streets, but even so, everything is a learning experience.

It may be 6 months before I have a place again or 6 years, only time will tell. And this blog (with a cool redesign in the works) will officially transition into a digest of my adventures. Of my insights into what it truly means to be alive. To live a fulfilled life.

As for my business?

It is no longer that of an Internet Marketing firm. While I love helping other businesses improve their marketing, I will be significantly scaling back my client list as I can reach and help more entrepreneurs through New Methods.

As for my viewpoints on business, marketing & entrepreneurial life?

Please join the conversation on my new blog: The Edge of Innovation.

May I have your advice?

Considering I’ve invested everything I have into the New Methods project and am extremely cash-strapped, this leap is a little daunting and nerve-racking. Therefore, I’d love to have your advice and thoughts. I am all ears 🙂

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