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The Three Words That Will Destroy Any Adventure

Three words said everyday by almost everyone in all scenarios.

These damn words. Seemingly harmless when muttered, are slowly eroding away your individuality.

And whether we know it or not, we all say these words out of habit when we are with other people.

From simple choices of where you want to eat… to more meaningful decisions of locations you’d like to travel to or sights you’d like to visit.

And from an exploration standpoint, these three words will ruin a trip.

So what are they?


These words are killing your uniqueness. And will kill your potential experiences.

It usually goes like this:

Friend: “So where do you want to go?”

You: “I don’t care.”

Are you sure? Do you really not care? Have you no opinions?

Most likely yes if the following statement is true:

“I’m a mindless drone, living life with others making decisions for me.”

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But it’s a reality.

However, I hope that this statement is false. And I’m going to assume that you enjoy thinking for yourself. So read on…

The Perils of Groupthink

Unfortunately, there is a phenomenon in social psychology called groupthink. And it destroys group travels.

When making choices amongst a group we believe leaving decisions up to others is being polite. That we are playing friendly. And worse still, that we are avoiding conflict.

But it’s not true. Groupthink is hurting your life experiences.

The cure for groupthink?

Stop being passive! It’s not being demanding. It’s not being unruly. It’s about voicing your opinion and leaving the choice up for debate.

But without a “care” there is no debate to begin with.

Personally, I’d rather entertain an idea that is overruled, than never voice it at all. And I hope you’d want the same.

Your Homework

The next time a friend asks you where you’d like to eat, say a specific place. Don’t give a few options. Don’t ask them what they would want. And especially, do not say that you don’t care… Say exactly what you want.

After a few times of voicing a specific opinion you’ll begin to love group decisions.

Remember: There’s a huge disparity between living a care-free life and having no input.

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