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How To Gain an Instant Boost of Happiness

As winter rolls around, we will all face it at some time or another… we’re bound to become SAD, or as smarter-people than I say it, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

And while long-term depression is a rough road, usually impossible to cure yourself, it is possible to quickly boost your spirits short-term.

The Happiness Boost

We all have memories in our lives that we may never forget. An experience filled with supreme ecstasy. It may have been the birth of a child, a family vacation, moving into your first home or, in my case, the purchase of your first car in high school.

We remember the moment like it was yesterday. And while thinking about that extremely joyous time, it’s almost impossible not to smile.

But guess what also happens when we take a few minutes to sit and reflect on those happy memories? Our brain becomes entrenched in those feelings. And all sorts of happy chemicals are released, just as if you had been there in person. It’s a beautiful thing.

What do you think?

Reflecting on a happier time is the easiest method I have found for instantly boosting the feel good juices. Have you developed any cool methods for instant happiness?

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