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Is This Simple Item Killing Your Chances at a Positive First Impression?

If you’re in a profession where first impressions matter. Which is every profession. You must be aware that people are judgmental. And while most people wouldn’t admit it. Subconsciously, they are.

So what does this mean for you?

It means you must be aware of one of the most crucial aspects of your wardrobe…

Your shoes.

This may seem a petty after-thought or possibly even counterintuitive. But it isn’t.

Why Your Shoes Matter

Next time you’re face-to-face with a new acquaintance, watch their eyes. Eventually during the conversation their gaze will drift to the floor. And guess what’s down there? Yup, your tattered, ugly 4-year-old shoes. While yes your beloved shoes fit like a glove and they hold sentimental value ever since you traveled through five countries with them. But the other parties in your conversation don’t know these things. They just know your shoes are ugly as shit. Excuse my French. But it needs to be said.

I run into too many sales people trying to earn my business by pledging their superior quality and utmost attention to detail, yet they wear the ugliest shoes. It seems common sense to me, nevertheless, countless business people fail to understand this simple concept; dress to impress.

However, to be accurate, this is much more common a problem with men. Most women, at least the ones in my life, LOVE their shoes. But don’t get me started on that subject…

To Summarize

Go to Zappos and buy some new shoes. It’s an investment worth making.

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