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How to Make Seemingly Impossible Goals, Possible

Goal Setting

We all have dreams and desires of a better life – of goals of doing more.

Unfortunately, we often find ourselves struggling to achieve these goals. And instead, fall into the trap of overwhelming despair.

The bigger the goals, the easier it is to be overwhelmed.

Currently as I write this, it’s been happening to me. I occasionally find myself waking up to anxiety attacks fueled by overwhelmed thoughts and notions.

I guess it’s rightfully so…

Between operating a handful of businesses, launching an education company, building my professional speaking career, and starting the early stages of writing a book – all while being homeless – life is a little daunting right now, yikes!

But it’s still not acceptable. This is a product of my own doing and this constant struggle to achieve all my goals must change.

So I’ve been backtracking mentally into how I once was able to handle many projects and tasks simultaneously… I’ve been doing this business stuff for over a decade now, and I know it’s possible to accomplish anything when putting your mind to it.

And after much reflection, I’ve re-discovered my magic formula for achieving my goals:

Chunking the Impossible?

If you look at your goals from a birds-eye view, everything you wish to do will seem overwhelming.

And this big picture viewpoint is often how we normally see our goals. It’s human nature.

“I have to do all of that…”
“I’ve got to finish all of this…”
“I need to complete all of it…”

But we live our lives day by day. Each day is a new day.

So why not break down our projects, tasks, and goals in a similar manner?

Every project isn’t a 1-to-1 ratio wherein completion results from one big step.

Instead, projects have many steps and many actionable items that eventually results in completion.

Therefore, as you look at your goals, it’s important to realize there are many steps to achieve your goals. Not one grandiose action. But a series of small victories.

And there’s the golden ticket:

To achieve any goal, you must break down the process into many small attainable victories called chunks.

The easier you can accomplish the victory, the quicker these chunks will add up to extraordinary levels of achievement in life.

Ultimately, you can now make impossible goals, possible.

Remember: Anything is possible…

Good luck chunking down your goals!

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