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You can quote me on this: Those who do not read are idiots.

In kinder words: Continual self-education is vital for lifetime success.

While I read many articles and posts online, the best reading is books. Because books are designed to have legs to go the distance, they are more permanent, and often summarize the author’s entire life experience of a subject into a few hundred pages.

I have devoted my life to reading non-fiction books of all subjects. And I love talking to others about the book once I’ve read it.

The Books I’ve Recently Read

Over the past decade I’ve read a ton of business, technical, self-improvement, science, history, political, and economics related books.

But for the sake of the below list, I’m going to start the list fresh with only books I’ve read since the launch of CouchSurfingCEO (July 28th, 2011)

So here’s my list (in order of read date):