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The Realities of Living Your Life

I 'm starting to crack

Most people don’t understand me. My friends no longer get me. And my extended family often believes that by me not “working,” I’m wasting my life away.

Ah, if you’ve chosen an alternative path for your life, those statements probably ring all too close to home. But who cares? It’s your life.

But unfortunately, our society has adopted preconceived notions of a normal life. And the crippling assumptions continue to snowball amongst most circles.

Built on false pretenses, their advice on what life entails falls short of what’s possible.

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.
~ Mark Twain

The only reason most people think they need a job, is because someone told them so. The only reason most people think they need a nice house and a fast car, is because that’s what others have. And the only reason most people settle for less, is because everyone else does.

Live YOUR Life!

As you live outside of societal norms, forget what the critics say. There is never a shortage of critics. But remember, critics are supposed to criticize, let them live in their boring little safety bubble, while you go out and do remarkable things.

The reality of life is clear: Your life is whatever and however YOU choose to live.

So make your life the best damn life imaginable!

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