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Optimism: The Single Most Important Factor To An Entrepreneur’s Success

OptimismHave you started a business that failed? Invested in a system that fell flat? Invented something that didn’t sell? However, did you follow that failure with a huge success? And if so, what kept you going?

When venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, everyone will face obstacles along the way. It’s pretty much a guarantee. The defining characteristic of successful entrepreneurs, though, is their enormous level of positive thought. With the power of optimism, these downfalls turn into positives. For example:

Imagine an all too familiar event for a budding entrepreneur… The company just lost a big account to a competitor.

The pessimist would look at the scenario and say, “this is why I will never succeed, I can’t compete and I must not be that great.”

The optimist, on the other hand, would look at the situation and say, “well I lost that account but I had the account for 2 years. What did I do right? How can I repeat what I did and replace that account with 5 more?”

See the difference? It’s all in your frame of view and how you spin outcomes.

Positivity and Productivity

Optimistic people work harder. It’s true. In fact, research studies have proven that pessimism severely hinders a person’s ability to engage in life-improving acts. To a successful entrepreneur, this should be obvious.

Imagine: If you didn’t care what happened today would you be energetic to get out of bed early, read that book, make some new contacts and work a few extra hours? Probably not! And this is exactly what successful entrepreneurs need to do, day in and day out. Those who don’t will not succeed.

The Power of Optimism

What Happens When You Become More Optimistic? (Besides watching more sunrises, gaining more friends and doing more things you love) Your business will skyrocket. Sales will come much more easy, your employees will enjoy coming to work more and your bank account will quickly add zeros.

Additionally, people around you will begin to feed off your positivity. This will allow you to naturally start selling your ideas much more easily. Getting people excited about your ventures with your optimistic point-of-view will quickly lead to a very wide following. Think about the last time you ran into someone who truly believed in what they were doing and that the world is an amazing place. Do you remember them as a successful, highly charismatic person? Most likely. And through constant optimistic thought, you can project this powerful aura too.

Strategies to Improve Optimism

Paint a Positive Future

  • By occasionally visioning your long-term dreams, you will keep your mindset positive. This is especially important when something negative has happened. Imagining yourself in a Spanish vacation home or mailing a large donation to your favorite charity will instantly recharge your optimism.

Forget the Snooze

  • By hopping out of bed on the first alarm sound, your day will already be headed in the right direction. Additionally, by waking up faster, you will be less drowsy throughout the day. Tiredness naturally leads to pessimism.

Breath Deeper & Drink Water, Lots of It

  • More oxygen to your brain will allow you think more clearly. Most people have shallow, tiny breaths that do little for you. Deep breaths, on the other hand, will help boost your positive thoughts.
  • Along the same lines of breathing deeper, drinking clean, cool water will give you an instant rush of positive energy.

Ditch the Downers

  • Depressants are optimism killers. Everything from alcohol to negative people can significantly decrease your willingness to succeed. I’m not saying to stop drinking your nightly glass of red wine or to avoid your friends and family. What is necessary, though, is to tread lightly when around anything that will lower your mood and optimism.


  • Countless generations of humans would agree with this one. By sneaking away for 15 minutes a day, your optimism and energy will surge. Meditation is a huge subject, however to start, head to a dark room, sit in an upright position and clear your mind. Keep your eyes slightly open and focus only on your breath. Be sure to set an alarm for 15-20 minutes or you will unknowingly let a lot of time pass.

Give Yourself Some Me-Time

  • Joining a yoga class, playing video games, reading a fictional book or any other activity that allows you to escape the world for a few hours will do wonders with your mindset. Hopefully, your me-time includes exercising. Remember: Motion Creates Emotion

Forget the News

  • The local and national news is the worst activity you can partake in when striving to stay optimistic. News organizations trap people into a world of fear and uncertainty – exactly what you do not need. Think I’m wrong? Well, what did learning that a little girl was murdered in a neighboring state do for you? If you didn’t know it, are you better or worse off psychologically? You have enough on your mind. Forget the news.

To summarize, forget the negative and surround yourself with everything positive. Your success as an entrepreneur is directly relational to your optimism. So be sure to stay as positive as possible. Good Luck!

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