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How to Use Gmail to Pretend You’re Working 9-5

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Unfortunately, most clients, bosses, and associates have this weird assumption that we should work during the day.

I don’t share this view.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a hard worker. But my productive hours aren’t during the industrial-aged idea of a 9-5, Monday-Friday workweek.

I’m at my best during the later hours of the day and into the night.

Since most of the time I’m working on my own projects, no one is the wiser of when I’m working, when I’m sleeping, and when I’m playing. However, the secret is out when I send emails.

It’s hard to be perceived as normal when people see an email timestamp of 4:07am.

Until now…

Tricking the Timestamp System

What if there was a way to make it look like you were working, when you’re actually out enjoying the day?

Boomerang for Gmail

Luckily, there’s a nice add-on for Gmail that solves the email timestamp dilemma.

By using Boomerang for Gmail, you can schedule when emails are sent. Which allows you to work when convenient or when you’re most productive. Yet appear to work during normal working hours.

And ultimately, it’ll help you live your life the way you want.

For Instance…

You’d like to spend time on the beach Monday morning. But since you’re working on some projects that require collaboration with colleagues and clients, it normally would require you sitting in front of the computer sending emails all morning. Then waiting until the afternoon for replies.

Now with the help of this app, you can get your work done the night before, type out all your requests in Gmail, and schedule them for delivery Monday morning.

You’ve safely made a huge window of time for your morning in the sun.

Cool, huh?

So do you have any ideas of how to use this add-on to improve our workday? Let us hear ’em in the comments below!

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