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Questioning Everything: The Missing Art of Critical Thinking

“In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”

~ Gerard Erasmus


When you learn something new, what do you do with the information? If you are like most people, the new info is quickly processed then stored in your long-term memory. Rarely to be thought of again. This sounds typical of our thought process: learn, process, store, retrieve, expel… But what’s missing from this equation?


Depending on the source and method of delivery, most statements are automatically considered fact. Do you believe me? You shouldn’t… at least not right away. As you read a book, listen to a seminar or simply converse with a colleague, consider the scenario. Question the underlining motives of the source and their background. Ask yourself, is this new information true? How does it compare to my current beliefs on the subject? Can I pick out the facts from opinions, all while cross-referencing the opinions with my own belief system and worldviews?

Put in other words; think critically. And more importantly, think for yourself.

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