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Stop Complaining and Strive to Stand Out

Stand OutIs your brand not performing as expected? Before you start blaming the economy, your clients, your employees or anything else. Realize that this so-called less-bad economy is the new normal. And unfortunately, the problem is with your brand. So it’s time to do something extraordinary. Create something different, something new, something remarkable. And stop complaining. The world has changed, and so must you. Luckily, it has never been easier to gain an audience, target your business model and dominate your market. But you must recognize the needs of the new world.

The Death of Normal

This new world has completely reshaped our perspectives while banishing anything mediocre. For instance, Amazon used their innovative business and marketing structure to all but eliminate most unremarkable online stores selling everyday unremarkable stuff. More astonishing is the fact that a blog (in the eyes of its loyal readers) can carry more authority than a billion dollar news corporation. Or that a steady stream of above-average (and far cheaper) remote workers from around the world can be found on Elance. This changing world has ensured that your employees, prospects and/or audience will rarely reside in one geographic area. Are you a retailer? Whether you sell TV’s or hand-knitted sweaters, you’re business is now competing globally. And service providers? Your expertise and reputation can be quickly assessed with a simple Google search of your name. Put in other words, your audience has evolved and good enough is no longer acceptable. Your brand must become sensational. And the marketplace is begging for brands that offer uniqueness, expertise and influence.

Before you ask why your brand is failing you, recognize that the world has changed. And while the choice is yours, please stop complaining and strive to stand out.

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