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There’s an Alternative to Cheese?

I was in the supermarket with my brother and sister buying ingredients for vegan macaroni & “cheese,” and realized something interesting. The grocery store assumes people know there is non-dairy cheese and that it’s located in the natural food aisle. This is fine for the folks who shop in that section of the store. But what about those who want to eat a bit healthier yet don’t travel up and down every aisle in the store? Without specifically seeing the couple offerings in a tiny corner of the natural food fridge, they may never know there is an alternative to dairy cheese.

Learning from Vegan Cheese

You can never assume your customers and clients know all of your offerings. But rather, you must make the effort to present all applicable options during the sales cycle. No matter how obvious the product or service is to you, keep in mind that your customers aren’t psychic. does this extremely well with the “customers also bought,” “customers also viewed” and the “related items” showcases on each product’s info page.

What do you think? Do you have examples of this in your life or business?

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