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Tips for Waking Up Early in the Morning


I love the snooze button. But I hate the person who invented it. If you’re like me, there is no better place to be than under the covers on cold mornings. However, sleeping in is not a strategy for success. With that said, I have tried many methods and have found some great strategies for getting up quickly and easily.

Go to Bed When You’re Tired

Sounds like common sense but there is a little more to this strategy. I’ve read articles on sleep that say you should go to bed at the exact same time every night. This is nonsense! Mostly because depending on your day’s activities, your energy usage will greatly vary from day to day. When heading to bed make sure you are tired enough to fall asleep within 5 minutes. If it takes longer than a few minutes to drift off, you are wasting your time. Conversely, if you rob yourself of sleep by postponing bedtime you may throw off your sleep cycle and wake up tired.

Wake Up At the Same Time Everyday

Standardizing your wake up routine is key for easy mornings. If you wake up at random times (which you probably do now) your circadian rhythm will be in constant disarray. By waking every day at the same time your brain will be subconsciously trained to prepare for waking at your desired time. Personally, I have found that I am so accustomed to waking at 6am that sometimes I wake up a few seconds or minutes before the alarm goes off. Which is slightly eerie but definitely a reinforcement that this strategy works for me.

Furthermore, if you had less sleep than desired during the previous night, you will simply become tired sooner that day. And, in turn, want to head to bed sooner. Therefore your circadian rhythm will begin to self-regulate more accurately and your sleep cycle will find an equilibrium on a daily basis.

Forget the Snooze

Do you need to be up at 6am? Then don’t set your alarm for 5:30 with the intent of hitting the snooze button a few times. Set the clock for six and forget the snooze!


Have you ever observed a house pet before and after their nap? Every pet I’ve watched has done a quick stretching routine. And this strategy applies to you and I as well. By stretching before bed you will enjoy a better night sleep. Stretching at first wake will help get your blood pumping, in turn waking you up faster and easier.

Oxygen and Water

When the alarm goes off, instantly take a deep breath. Oxygen to your brain is vital for waking up. Also, keep a glass of water by the clock and drink it when you arise. This will further wake your brain and body.

Motion = Emotion

I learned this trick from Tony Robbins. When the alarm goes off in the morning make sure you hop out of bed instantly. And start moving around. Be sure to have your workout clothes and shoes ready for a morning exercise session. This strategy was initially difficult for me to routinized but it definitely makes waking quicker and the day much easier.

Condition Your Wake Up Pattern

These strategies work, however implementing them at 6:00 in the morning will not be easy. Therefore you will have to reinforce your quick wake up method during the day. This may sound a little quirky but practicing your routine is extremely effective. Be sure to recreate as much of your pattern as possible (brush your teeth, put on the PJ’s, etc), set your alarm for a few minutes out and then “go to bed.” The more you consciously perform your wake up procedure, the easier you will be able to follow through on a chilly morning.


There you go! My favorite tips for waking up in the morning. I hope you find some gems in this article, as I have definitely found these strategies to be extremely effective. If you have any tips you use, please let me know. I’d love to hear them! And I’ll leave you with a little comedy from Jerry Seinfeld:

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